Bike Service and Repairs Perth

George’s Bike Shop prides itself on being the foremost bicycle repairs shop in Perth and as such we offer across-the-board services including bike repairs, maintenance and complete overhauls too. We employ a team of highly-skilled mechanics who are able to fix and replace most components if needed. We use state-of-the-art tools and only the finest genuine parts (including Shimano Australia). So, you can rest assured that your ride is in good hands.

Wear and tear on your bike is an unfortunate reality, so we do recommend that you bring your ride in for the best bike service in Perth on a regular basis. If we do find an issue, we’ll tune, upgrade or conduct repairs at our in-house workshop; having you back in the saddle as soon as possible.

Bike Repair Services

We are confident in saying that we offer the best bike repairs in Perth. If you’re bringing in a new bike for its first service, please take note of the maintenance and repair services that we offer:

  • Tyres and tubes
  • Wheel building and truing
  • Electronic and standard gear shifting systems
  • Cable and hydraulic disc brakes
  • Drivetrain and cranks
  • Chains including link repair
  • Component lubrication
  • Pedals and handlebars
  • Forks and headsets
  • Bicycle cleaning

A Standard Service costs $79 and includes a full clean and degrease of your bike, gear adjustment, brake adjustment, lubrication of external moving parts and minor wheel truing.

Once the service has been completed the bicycle is test ridden to ensure quality of work and a text is sent notifying completion of the service and pickup is ready

Bike Maintenance

It is essential to take care of your bike as this will ensure longevity. Also, educate yourself about the specific type of maintenance needed, so that you know when there’s a problem. If you have a mountain or road bike, it’s vital to keep all the parts oiled, ensure they’re always tight and, if you require a replacement, bring it through to our store immediately. If you leave it, you are going to cause serious damage to your bike in the long run.

Visit our bike repair shop in Balcatta, Perth and experience service as its best. While you are here, why not browse through our wide range of world-class parts and accessories that we use in our complete bicycle repairs, maintenance and overhauls services.

If you’re not in the area, why not fill in the web form on the contact us page with your queries and necessary details and we’ll happily give you a call back. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us on (08) 9344 2393.

At George’s Bike Shop, we guarantee the best bike service in Perth.