Micro Scooters Perth

Maxi and Mini Micro Scooters Perth

Every kid loves a Micro Scooter and every kid should have one. That’s why George’s Bike Shop, Balcatta we stock the largest range of the coolest, funkiest two and three-wheeler Micro Scooters in Perth.

Whatever colours you want in the Mini Micro or Maxi Micro Scooter range, we have what you need, and ensure we always have scooters in stock. Our selection includes the MX Trixx, the Micro Rocket, Micro Sprite and the Micro Speed Scooters. Your kid will leave our shop happy and with a scooter suitable to his or her ability, and one that fits your budget.


Micro scooters are great for your kids; besides the fun factor, they encourage little ones to play outdoors. They’re foot powered which means they’re good for exercise, and help children improve balance and movement allowing them to progress to Micro Scooters with two wheels. In addition, the mobility to get to places quickly and easily gives your young ones their first feel of freedom. We also have the awesome Mr Trixx stunt scooter, which is ideal for entry-level stunt-masters-to-be.

For parents looking to keep up with their kids, we have a large range of adult Micro Scooters such as the Micro Black and Micro White; and for the more serious riders, the Monster Kickboard will take you places.


Micros are convenient; you can fold them up and take them anywhere, and they take up very little space. They are also good quality, robust and have great product support with Micro Scooter being the only producer that supplies a full range of accessories and replacement parts for all its scooters and kickboards.

Mini Micro

A great beginner scooter for your little ones, the look on their face when they realise they can easily handle the Mini Micro Scooter will have parents beaming with pride, and kids grinning from ear-to-ear. The lean steer action of this scooter makes it a stable and safe option for your youngster’s first real ride.

Maxi Micro

The Maxi Micro Scooter is one up on the Mini Micro and offers the bigger or more confident kids a slightly larger and much cooler option. This solid scooter is great for improving coordination, it comes in a range of bright colours, and has an adjustable T-bar allowing you to customise it to your kid’s height.

Micro Sprite

If you have a five-year old kid, then this is the perfect little run-around for them. The lightweight Micro Sprite is sturdy and provides great stability. Available in cool colours, the Sprite has adjustable handlebars which can be raised or lowered to suit every kid’s height and reach. And, with a maximum weight limit of 100kg, your kid will have many years of fun with this scooter.


Give your kids the best safety gear and micro scooter accessories and grant yourselves some peace of mind. With our range of bells, scoot ‘n pulls, bags, scoobits, water bottle holders and safety gear, your kids will be the coolest and safest youngsters in the neighbourhood. They’ll be cruising the local parks with the wind in their face and only envious looks from the other kids around them.


Ensure your kid’s safety with a Micro helmet. It protects their heads as they zip around to their heart’s content. With bright colours and funky designs, our Micro helmets are designed to look good as well as protect.


Our range of Micro Scooter wheels suit all makes and models of Micro Scooters. Contact us to enquire about replacement wheels for your kid’s scooter, or pop into our store in Balcatta and browse our fully stocked shelves. If we don’t have what you are looking for, let us know and our helpful staff will source it for you.


We stock a massive range of Micro Spare parts including replacement decks, brakes, grips, screws, axles, spacers, clamps etc. If your Micro Scooter needs some TLC we’ll help you make it look and work like new again.

Contact us at George’s Bike shop for all your maxi and mini micro scooter needs, in Perth.