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Maxxis Minion

The Minion is the perfect tyre for downhill racing. They are available for the front (DHF) and the rear (DHR). The DHF has ramped knobs for low-rolling resistance. There are also channel-cut knobs which allow for taking corners accurately as well as straight-line control. The DHR tyre’s ramped knobs improve braking and acceleration. The SS version fills the void between a fast rolling XC tyre and a gripping DH tyre – it’s the best of both worlds.

Maxxis Ardent

The Ardent is a versatile Maxxis bicycle tyre for all the different disciplines associated with mountain biking. It is highly versatile, able to provide traction for taking on corners, braking and accelerating at high speeds. The Ardent tyre also comes in a race version, which has been designed for endurance-length and technical XC race courses.

Maxxis Aggressor

The Aggressor is designed for navigating through modern mountain bike trails at high speeds. The complex knob shaping allows for extra gripping, while the side of the tyre with fortified knobs improves stability. This is an excellent all-trail tyre that gives opportunity to try different types of mountain bike riding.

Maxxis Highroller II

The Highroller II is the top Maxxis mountain bike tyre for tackling freeride terrain. The hard-hitting tread design allows for unrivalled soil penetration and mud-clearing ability. It has a square profile, giving a stable feel and the shoulder and centre of the tyre have knobs that have been adapted to improve braking performance and overall traction.

Maxxis Ikon

The Ikon is Maxxis’ mountain bike tyre designed for those who are cross-country (XC) mountain bike racing enthusiasts. The tread is designed to be low-profile, which minimalises rolling resistance while still offering steady traction. The uninterrupted side knobs of the Ikon ensures balance where traction is vital.

Maxxis Ignitor

The Ignitor is suitable for cross-country or freeride on a medium or loose terrain. The tyre is characterised by low rolling resistance owing to a well-spaced tread design. It also has ramped knobs on the side to provide outstanding traction when cornering.

Maxxis Crossmark II

The Crossmark is the ultimate tyre for cross country (XC) racing. It is stable on hardpack because of the continuous centre ridge. However, it still has enough spacing to grip on loose terrain.