Shotgun Kids MTB Seat


SHOTGUN KIDS MTB SEAT New to Georges Bike Shop Balcatta! The shotgun kids bike seat is designed for children 2 to 5 years of age, is fully adjustable to fit any mountain bike, and has rubber padding to protect your frame. With your k[...]
Micro Scooters AfterPay

Micro Scooters AfterPay

Micro Scooters AfterPay has arrived for our online store.   Buy Micro Scooters Online and Checkout with AfterPay! All at Western Australia's largest and most respected Micro Scooter Dealer and Authorised Micro Scooter Service Agent. &[...]

Micro Handle Bar Ribbons

Scoot around in style thanks to our great new Micro Handle Bar Ribbons for your Mini or Maxi Micro Scooter! Easy to attach, and in a cool rainbow pattern, you'll be the envy of your entire scooter crew. • Easy to attach - just plug into [...]
Scootaheadz Pretty Pearl - Scooter Accessory

Micro Scooter Scootaheadz

Let your child's imagination run wild with Scootaheadz! These colourful funky accessories look great, and make your scooter stand out from the pack. Simply attach your Scootaheadz to the t-bar of your scooter and you are ready to go! Scoot[...]

George’s Balcatta now has a new look!

To match in with our new signage we have painted the entire building blue. This not only looks fantastic but makes us a lot easier to find when you are driving along Wanneroo Road.
passport to bike safety

Passport to bike safety

A big thanks to everyone who attended the Kidsafe WA Passport to Bike Safety event. Congratulations to our prize winners Rebecca, Tyhaia, Gerry and Finn! Thank you Dorel and George's Bike Shop Balcatta for your generous donations.