Shimano SL-U6000 Shift Lever Right 10 Speed Cues

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Shimano SL-U6000 Shift Lever Right 10 Speed Cues


Shimano CUES is built upon the original LINKGLIDE technology to provide smooth and intuitive shifting that riders can count on in any situation. With up to three times the durability of HG when used with an e-bike, this groupset can stand up to the increased stresses that an assist-powered bike places on drivetrain components.

Refined lever shape and light operation for easy shifting. This lever’s new shape and light operation provide riders with a comfortable, easy-to-use interface.

• RapidFire Plus
• Easily-visible gear position indicator option improves shifting control
• 2-Way Release

Product Specifications:
Model No: SL-U6000-10R
Series: CUES U6000 Series 10-speed
Colour: Series colour
Shifter type: RapidFire Plus
Rear speeds: 10
Compatible rear derailleur type: CUES/LINKGLIDE system 10-speed
Mount type|Clamp band: ✔
Shift lever cable adjust: ✔
Max. multiple shifts (main lever/rear): 2
Release function|2-WAY RELEASE: ✔
Optical Gear Display|With: ✔
Shift lever cable|Inner cable|Optislick: ✔
Recommended shift lever outer casing: OT-SP41
Shimano SL-U6000 Shift Lever Right 10 Speed Cues
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