Shimano SM-CRM95 30T Chainring XTR 12 Speed

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Shimano SM-CRM95 30T Chainring XTR 12 Speed

XTR SM-CRM95 race performance chainring delivers smooth and responsive pedaling over bumpy terrain. The SM-CRM95 chainring features Shimano Dynamic Chain Engagement+ Technology, which has special gear teeth profiles that deliver exceptional chain engagement and chain retention.

XTR – Chainring – Dynamic Chain Engagement+ – 12-speed

• Smoother driving even over bumpy terrain
• Better chain engagement for greater chain retention
• Special gear teeth profile designed for MTB riding usage

Product Specifications
Model No: SM-CRM95
Series: XTR M9100 Series
Colour: Standard
Gear speed: 1
Rear speed|12-speed: ✔
Dynamic Chain Engagement+: ✔
Chainring teeth|30T: ✔
Chain guard type|w/o Chain guard: ✔
Shimano SM-CRM95 30T Chainring XTR 12 Speed
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