Shimano RT-MT900 140mm Disc Rotor XTR Ice-Tech Center Lock

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Shimano RT-MT900 140mm Disc Rotor XTR Ice-Tech Center Lock

The pinnacle in mountain bike braking, Shimano XTR RT-MT900 disc brake rotors deliver superb stopping power for the most aggressive riding. The Ice Technologies Freeza rotors dissipate heat to maintain braking performance on long downhill stretches. Shimano’s Center Lock mounting system makes installing and removing rotors quick and easy thanks to the spine mount and lock ring design.

Shimano – Center Lock – Disc Brake Rotor – Ice Technologies Freeza – 140mm

• High-performance and consistent brake performance in the most demanding conditions
• New Ice Technologies Freeza construction with high heat dissipation paint for boosting heat dissipation

• Ice Technologies combined with Freeza disc brake rotor construction rapidly dissipates heat for more consistent braking performance in extreme conditions, longer pad life, and less brake fade and noise. Lightweight clad rotors with heat dissipating paint on exposed aluminum layer segments provide superior cooling, consistent brake performance, and lighter operation under all conditions. Clad brake rotors with Aluminum/Stainless fins support rapid heat dissipation which helps reduce maintenance, provide longer pad life, and create less brake fade and noise.

• The Center Lock system makes an easy rotor installation possible with spline mount and a lock ring. The lock ring mounting system reduces the total working hours by shortening the amount of time of both installation and de-installation. In addition, the secure fixing by the spline mount enhances precision and rigidity while improving braking efficiency.

Product Specifications
Model No: RT-MT900
Series: SAINT M820 Series
Average weight: 88 grams
Remarks: Painted fin
Ice Technologies: ✔
Ice Technologies Freeza: ✔
Alloy lock ring:✔
Center Lock: ✔
Outside diameter_140 mm: ✔
Pad material compatibility_Metal: ✔
Pad material compatibility_Resin: ✔
Pad lining shape compatibility_Narrow: ✔
Shimano RT-MT900 140mm Disc Rotor XTR Ice-Tech Centrelock
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