BL-M7100 Brake Lever Right SLX


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BL-M7100 Brake Lever Right SLX

With a focus on reduced weight and cross-country tuned stopping power, the SLX BL-M7100 lever provides intuitive modulation so that you can explore your limits with confidence.

SLX – Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever – I-SPEC EV Clamp Band

• 10% stiffer than M7000 even under high temp conditions
• Quicker brake engagement with shorter free stroke
• Greater flexibility and action-optimized cockpit layout
• Toolless reach adjust
• Optimised lever axle position with additional contact point and refined ergonomics
• Seamless braking raises rider concentration and enjoyment
• Stable and versatile high-performance brake control
• Rider tunable
• Simple set up and adjustment
Product Specifications
Model No: BL-M7100
Series: SLX M7100 Series
Colour: Series colour
Compatible Shifting Lever Mount: I-SPEC EV
Funnel bleeding: ✔
Hose joint: Straight
J-kit: ✔
Lever size (Finger): 2
Reach Adjust Type: Toolless
Servo wave mechanism: ✔
Clamp Band Type: Open clamp
BL-M7100 Brake Lever Right SLX
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