Shimano RD-M5120 Rear Derailleur Deore

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Shimano RD-M5120 Rear Derailleur Deore

Utilising the Shimano Shadow RD+ design, the Shimano Deore M5120 rear derailleur delivers consistent MTB shifting performance over rough terrain. The low profile design avoids damage from rocks whiles Shimano’s chain stabilising technology reduces chain drop and makes for a quiet drivetrain in all gear positions.

Deore – Rear Derailleur – Shimano Shadow RD+ – 1×10-Speed
• Stable drivetrain on the trail
• Low-profile design avoids damage from rocks
• Chain stabiliser reduces chain drop, slap and noise
• Decreased rear derailleur and chain tension in low gear
Product Specifications
Model No: RD-M5120-SGS
Series: Deore M4100 Series
Colour: Series colour
B-Axle_Hollow axle: ✔
B-axle 2_Hollow axle: ✔
Compatible chain: HG-X11 11-speed, HG-X 10-speed
Direct attachment (Conventional): ✔
Direct mount compatible: ✔
Fluoric coated link bushings: 4
Low sprocket_Max: 46T (1×10-speed), 42T (2×11/2×10-speed)
Low sprocket_Min: 42T
Max. front difference: 10T
Pulley_Sunken type pulley bolt: ✔
Pulley_Teeth: 11T
Pulley cage: SGS
Rear speeds: 10/11
Top-Normal spring type_SHADOW RD+: ✔
Top sprocket_Max: 11T
Top sprocket_Min: 11T
Total capacity: 41T
Shimano RD-M5120 Rear Derailleur Deore
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