CS-HG710 11-36 12 Speed 105 Cassette

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CS-HG710 11-36 12 Speed 105 Cassette

Wide range cassette for varied terrain drop bar riding

The 11-36T 12-speed cassette offers a wide gear range of 327%. From sprinting on the flats to steep climbs, you can choose the best gear ratio to suit every situation. Gear steps are optimized for pedaling efficiency, with the first eight cogs focusing on a natural and comfortable connection, and the largest four cogs allowing you to select from a wide range of gears while avoiding abrupt gear ratio changes.

• Refined 12-step gear combination provides peak efficiency and accelerating performance for every situation
• Compatible with new 12-speed and road 11-speed Freehub body

Product Specifications:
Model No: CS-HG710-12
Series: Shimano 105 R7100 Di2 Series
Type: HG
Rear speeds: 12
Compatible chain: HG 12-speed
Combination name (Group name): 11-36T
Combination: 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36T
Spline type|HG spline L2 (ROAD 12-speed dedicated): ✔
Aluminum spider arm|QTY (pcs): 1
Titanium gear|QTY (pcs): 0
Aluminum gear|QTY (pcs): 0
Steel gear|QTY (pcs): 12
CS-HG710 11-36 12 Speed 105 Cassette
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