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EMicro Condor Electric Scooter
The Emicro Condor Electric Scooter is the ultimate electric scooter to cover longer distances with ease. With a 500w motor the Emicro Condor can reach speeds of up to 25km/h (dependent on riders, terrain and route) complete with a range of 20km for rider autonomy (dependent on weight of rider, selected speed/power setting and terrain). Operated by a two-way twist throttle alongside the new handbrake, this scooter ensures that journeys can be made safely and effortlessly.
The 10.8kg electric scooter has an outstanding performance ability through the combination of EVA foam core technology, grip tape and the large 200mm anti-slip rubber tyres to absorb impact and vibration. The cruise control function makes the longer distances easy and not to mention comfortable to travel at a steady speed. Motion control is an exciting innovation in the world of electric motors. When in active mode the powerful motor starts when a certain speed is reached and the rider’s kick is detected.
Be seen and safe with the intelligent rear light with integrated brake light alongside a detachable front light for increased vision precision. The new Emicro Condor Electric Scooter embodies the utmost in electric functionality and design built with the commuter at the core.

Fast Charging – The battery on the emicro Condor will be fully recharged after 3 hours.
Twist Throttle – Accelerate or brake by twisting the throttle forwards or backwards.
Cruise Control – Get to your desired speed and activate cruise control.
Rear light – Intelligent rear light with integrated brake light. With an additional detachable front light.
Lightweight – The Emicro Condor Electric Scooter weighs 10.8kg.
Foldable – Easy folding action, making it perfect for urban travel and commuting.
4 Ride Programmes – Choose from Pedestrian, Eco, Standard, Sport and Active modes. Each mode has a different max speed and max power the motor uses.
Regenerative braking – As well as physical braking the emicro Condor uses regenerative braking. This assists in charging the battery when you brake and creates shorter braking distances.
Customise Tap Speed Settings – Using the brake pedal you can change between 4 pre-programmed speed settings.
Integrated Motor Hub – The Swiss designed motor is located inside the back wheel. It’s high rotation speed enables the motor produce an enormous 500 watts.
Dual Core Wheel – A worlds first in electric scooters. The rubber front wheel has a soft EVA foam inside to absorb shocks.
Slope Support – A feature of motion control that senses a slope and provides high power and torque to support uphill riding. For Active mode only.
Auto On/Off – An integrated sensor detects movement of the emicro Falcon and turns it on. After some seconds of inactivity it will go into sleep mode to save energy.
Communication Display – Four discreet LEDs built into the deck to show the speed setting the rider has chosen and how much charge is left.
Free delivery
Swiss design
Replacement parts available
• Age range: 18+
• Weight: 10.8 Kg
• Wheel size: 200mm
• Charge time: 3 hours
• Range: 20km*
• Top speed: 25 km/h
• Battery: Panasonic
• Battery size: 208 Wh
• Regenerative breaking: Yes
• Rear light: Yes
*dependent on weight of rider, selected speed/power setting and terrain.
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