Micro LED Wheel Whizzer

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Micro LED Wheel Whizzer
• Customise your scooter
• Fits the Mini and Maxi Micro
• Easy attachment
• Light up “Hubcaps”
• Inductive charging
• Integrated lights illuminate on movement
LED Wheel Whizzers with 3 integrated lights are an awesome fun light up accessory to add to your Mini/Maxi Micro Scooter. Inductive charging means theres no need to worry about batteries! The wheel whizzers are a great accessory to personalise your scooter. They’re super easy to clip on the front wheels – a one step process to brighten up your scooting adventures.
The Wheel Whizzers fit on Mini Micro or Maxi Micro models. To note: LED Wheel Whizzers are not compatible with Mini Micro scooters that have 3 spoke black wheels.
The Micro Scooter accessories are a brilliant way to get the most out of your scooter. Micro have released a large range of fun and exciting accessories with vibrant colours that you can personalise your scooter in your own unique style.
Micro LED Wheel Whizzer