M2O Anti-Chafe Cream

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M2O Anti-Chafe Cream
Train Smarter, Not Harder
From Mountains 2 Ocean, the M20 passion for all things pedal-powered has driven M20 to create products that empower cyclists to get the most out of every ride.
Finally – A Real solution – Prevention, Relief, Recovery
M2O Anti-chafing Cream prevents the friction that irritates your skin. Scientifically formulated high performance, triple action treatment which is concentrated for fast results. Relieves your skin during physical activity. Restores problem areas.
How It Works 100%
Vital vitamins: With prevention, relief, and recovery in mind. Endothermic active it responds to body heat and continuously maintains a protective film. Concentrated for instant results. Restores problem areas, allowing for recovery after you’re done for the day.
The Scientific Approach
M2O enlisted highly experienced scientist who have worked for years treating skin ailments and curing skin conditions. We developed a cream that is activate through all levels of sporting performance, to allow vitamins to be absorbed into the skin that simultaneously prevent chafing and work to repair damage at a micro layer.
Endothermic Active
M2O Anti-chafing cream responds to body heat and continuously maintains a protective film, no matter if your skin is hot or cold.
M2O Anti-Chafe Cream