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The Mini Micro Scooter has been listed as one of the ‘Hot wheels’ for preschoolers to take the first steps in learning to ride and getting their feet up and running. “As far as brands go” they say “nothing comes close to a Mini Micro Scooter”. The three wheeled design and lean to steer action is specifically designed to help develop their balance and coordination skills.

Mat Newman from WeeRide Australia says “There are so many copies out there at a fraction of the cost, but Micros are worth the money, he says. They just have a better balance for little ones and it gives them such confidence. You only have to see the way a child as young as two manoeuvres a Micro and you know they have just got it right.” The innovative features allows them to learn while ensuring their safety and stability.

When the little ones are ready to learn scoot or ride a bike it’s a big exciting step, and as the articles says “Micros are worth the money”. Once the kids have some hot wheels they’ll be off the couch, away from their screens and having fun outdoors becoming proficient scooterers.